Friday, July 13, 2007

American Politics.. It all boils down to boobs and ass!

In the wake of the infamous Obama Girl video, a new video is set to be released on Monday: Obama Girls vs. Giuliani Girls. A bunch of booty shakin' bumpin' n' grindin' to help us in the selection of our next president.

Here's the trailer:

Does anyone else want to move to Switzerland? Anywhere but here??

Sunday, July 1, 2007

How LOW can you go?

As if last Sunday's travel experience wasn't bad enough.. Here I am on Dallas/Ft. Worth's runway twiddling my thumbs trying to get back to beautiful SD. Waaaaaah. Just as the last person boarded the plane, thunder, lightning and rain began. We now have to wait for the storm to pass and then some before we can pull out of the gate.

Ho hum. I'll take this moment to share another product fave of mine: So Low Workout Pants. I LOVE these. They feature a foldover waist which is oh-so-flattering for any tummy. You can wear them as high or as low as you like. The pants flare so they elongate your legs and hug right where they need to. Whenever I wear these to the gym, someone will often say, "Your legs are looking thinner!" Pssshh! My secret: It's the PANTS!!!

Love 'em. Girlfriends, go get yours. Wear them with confidence in your pursuit of life, liberty and semi-nakedness.