Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Skin’s Best Friend

Aaaaaaahhhhh…. There’s nothing like spoiling yourself with a phenomenal facial. I love my aesthetician. I’ve been going to her for almost 2 years now and I can honestly say… She gives the best damned facial out there!

I love going to see her because I know that every time I walk out of there, I will see immediate results. My face will look as clear as glass. My skin will feel as smooth as Lake Placid and glow radiantly like the sun.

I like to think of her method of skin care as the “Mercedes Benz” of treatments, chock full of extreme attention to detail, vast experience and the best, all-natural, all-organic products on the market. She always has my skin’s absolute best interest in mind. Not unlike a careful chemist, she goes to work mixing my custom mask and potions right beside me—throwing in a dash of this for tightening and a splash of that for healing or whatever. And it’s different every time. Sometimes she’ll do a gentle chemical peel, other times she’ll do a microdermabrasion. It all depends on what my skin presents and needs on the day of my appointment.

And it’s not magical, oogah-boogah stuff. She truly knows her trade and is always continuing her education to provide the best products, equipment and care for her clients. Period.

Now here’s the sick part. An aesthetician like her could easily charge upwards of $140 for a single-treatment facial in some swanky spa. EASY. But she chooses not to do that. Instead, she keeps her overhead costs low so she can provide excellent, dream facials MORE OFTEN (like we all need and deserve) to her beloved clients. Nah… For eighty super-stretched bucks you don’t get a measly 40 minutes of steam and a clay mask coupled with painful extractions. Hell no. What you get is a ridiculously luxurious amount of results-oriented pampering (try an hour and fifteen minimum!) which includes a peel or microdermabrasion plus whatever else she feels you need, IN ADDITION to your purely organic facial!!!

Hellooooo! She is my biggest skin care secret… and I’m sharing her with you now! For those of you lucky locals, you have the opportunity to experience Charlene’s ever-indulgent and organic facial. Call her today and see for yourself. 760.727.0300

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